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Belus Active is the World’s Leading Provider of Resistance Bands for Women

Belus Active Resistance Bands are Used by Fitness Trainers, Influencers and Athletes Worldwide
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What are resistance bands?

A brief introduction to resistance bands and how adding resistance bands to your workout can increase the positive benefits of strength, flexibility and cardio routines. Here we delve into why resistance bands need to become a staple of your daily regime!

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What are the best resistance bands?

There are many different types of resistance bands available making it difficult to choose the right one. This guide will help you make the right choice for your resistance training needs.

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15 Tips To Help Improve Your Cardio Workout Routine

Have you added intense cardio in your butt-shaping routine? Then you’re off to a good start. Do better when you incorporate these 14 tips in your next cardio sesh.

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Resistance Bands: Frequently Asked Questions

Look no further: All your resistance bands FAQs are answered.

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Belus Active’s Four Circuit Intensive Booty Workout Guide

Now you know the anatomy of your butt and how to keep it fit, it’s time to put our knowledge to practice! Learn and apply each circuit to your path to a better booty.

Everything You Must Know About Building The Perfect Booty

Most gym goers think that building booty is a formula of nth number of squats + weekly leg days. Contrary to popular belief, achieving the perfect booty is a combination of strength training and resistance training. You need to understand your butt before you turn...
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Stubborn Cellulite? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

Now that you have everything you need to know about cellulite, it’s time to figure out how to lose it the good old-fashioned way: by eating right and exercising regularly.

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Understanding The Science Behind Cellulite A.K.A. Booty Fat

The thought of seeing cellulite on your bum and your thighs is horrifying. It’s not like acne which can be concealed with makeup.

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4 Underrated Ways To Prevent Cellulite For Fitness Buffs

Cellulite can be scary but you can prevent them with these simple changes.

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Why Building The Perfect Booty Is A Different Experience For Every Fitness Junkie

Booties come in different shapes and sizes. The truth hurts. Here’s why your booty may be slightly different from Shakira’s despite following her full workout routine.