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get rid cellulite

Stubborn Cellulite? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

Now that you have everything you need to know about cellulite, it’s time to figure out how to lose it the good old-fashioned way: by eating right and exercising regularly.

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Understanding The Science Behind Cellulite A.K.A. Booty Fat

The thought of seeing cellulite on your bum and your thighs is horrifying. It’s not like acne which can be concealed with makeup.

exercise flat band

4 Underrated Ways To Prevent Cellulite For Fitness Buffs

Cellulite can be scary but you can prevent them with these simple changes.

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Why Building The Perfect Booty Is A Different Experience For Every Fitness Junkie

Booties come in different shapes and sizes. The truth hurts. Here’s why your booty may be slightly different from Shakira’s despite following her full workout routine.

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5 Essential Tips On Building Your Booty The Right Way

If you’re not getting the booty you deserve despite the endless gym sesh, you might be doing something wrong.

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Glute Anatomy And A Rundown On The Muscles Supporting Your Butt

Booty gains are more than just squats and thrusts. Understanding how each muscle in your glutes works will help you workout “the right way”.

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Switching To Pyramid Training From Normal Sets To Spice Up Your Workout

Sticking to the 3 sets of 8-12 reps program and still, no progress? Is there something wrong with your program? The answer is pyramid training.

resistance bands rolling

Stop Your Resistance Bands From Rolling Once And For All

Booty gains cancelled because your resistance bands keep rolling up? You’re not alone. Resistance bands can be a little tricky but with the right knowledge, you’ll get those buns out fresh from the oven.

Are Resistance Bands Your Best Choice?

Resistance bands are definitely a must in every workout.

How To Build A Home Gym On A Budget

Whether you’re feeling blue or gym membership’s become too expensive, home gyms will save you.