One of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Belus Active is “which resistance band do I use, for what?”. After all, not all bands are created equal. Each type listed here can be incorporated into your workout routines in different ways. All of our resistance bands can be used together or separately to help you develop a fitter, healthier body. The best part is that Belus bands can be used whether you prefer weight training, bodyweight exercises or cardio!

Resistance Loop Bands

Resistance Loop BandsLoop bands are ideal for people who are looking to get a little more out of their regular workout. They’re easy to carry with you, wherever you prefer to work out and they can be wrapped around many areas of the body to increase resistance to any workout. For example, place a loop around your legs when taking a walk to really turn up the heat.

Because these bands can focus specific muscles, they are ideal for bodyweight exercises. Each band holds a different resistance level, which can make these the perfect pairing for both newcomers and old pro’s. They can also be stacked together to really push what would otherwise be an average workout.

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Resistance Bands with Handles

tube bands with handle belusIdeal for those who can struggle with grip, these bands create a more comfortable resistance workout. As your hands can rest in a more natural position, they can help beginners with posture control. Improving your form when working out is essential. Having the right form means that you are less likely to injure yourself during a workout but also that you’re working out the right muscles during your exercises.

Resistance bands with handles are best for workouts that require self-anchoring. This is when you have a part of your body on the ground, continuously during your workout. An example of this is holding the middle of the resistance band under your feet while you stand upright, then perform bicep curls while grasping the handles.

Flat Resistance Bands

prevent cellulite by changing lifestyleOne of the most common bands, flat resistance bands will often be the first image that comes to mind for those who are new to resistance training. These bands are ideal for utilising your environment while working out. Because they are open-ended, they can be attached to anything that makes your routine more convenient!

A great example of this would be to tie one end to a bench and tying the other end to your ankle. Standing perpendicular to the bench, perform a lateral leg raise. With this exercise, you can work out your legs without the need for a cable machine. This can save you time as well as money, since you could literally perform this movement anywhere.

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As you can see, choosing the best resistance band for your needs is dependant largely on your preference. While we’ve taken care of the quality, ultimately the effort comes from you. Previous customers of our bands have used them for everything from ballet conditioning to upper-body workouts. Of course, using all three will create the best full body workout in the long run but we won’t blame you for picking your favourite!

No matter what your preference is, when it comes to workouts you can be sure that Belus Active provide the best resistance bands available. On top of delivering a great choice of colours, we offer our bands in a variety of resistance levels. All of our items come with two free digital books (Loop Band guide and Glutes Guide), as well as a free video (The Belus – 7 Minute Booty Workout) to help you achieve your goals. Don’t wait to obtain your ideal body without paying sky-high prices, shop now for a great deal.

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