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Belus Active is the World’s Leading Provider of Resistance Bands for Women

Belus Active Resistance Bands are Used by Fitness Trainers, Influencers and Athletes Worldwide

Are resistance bands your best choice?

Resistance bands offer numerous workout benefits. When you use resistance bands, you improve your balance, strengthen isolated muscle groups, prevent injuries and challenge yourself increasingly and gradually. You can take resistance bands with you when you travel. With resistance bands, you can also create greater variety in your workouts.

How to build a home gym on a budget

Can’t go to the gym? Maybe you’re just tired or not on a stable budget. Well you can construct a home gym in a much more affordable way than you think. Secure the right equipment and start the best workout you have ever had—at home!

The Suprising Benefits of Exercise

You might have an elusive sense that exercise is good for you, and you’ve probably heard that it is “healthy for you”, and nothing more. But if you’re like most people, that’s not enough motivation to get you to break a sweat on a regular basis.

The Worst Weight Loss Myths

Have you been trying to lose weight for some time, but still remain unsuccessful? Guess you might need to check your workout routine, or maybe, your diet practices. Some of the suggestions that you may get from a friend or a family member can actually be wrong, but don’t worry because we are laying down the facts right here!.

Your Quick Guide to Workout Nutrition

We are very much concerned with maximizing our workout routine and getting sculpted immediately. But what we are setting aside is the most essential part of our fitness journey—Nutrition. Good thing we listed down the important guidelines that will help you revamp your nutrition plan and make your fitness diet appropriate for your active lifestyle.

Is there such thing as “over-exercise”?

Generally, exercises should make you move faster and make you feel stronger every day. You develop endurance as you become more active and build muscles as you reduce fats. However, when the activity exceeds the body’s capacity to recover from strenuous movements, it becomes slow, weak and tired.

How to stay fit during and after the holiday season

If you are on a diet or following a strict workout plan, this next week of holidays may be seem a threat to your fitness goals. In fact, however, we shouldn’t see holidays as a danger to our healthy habits, but as an opportunity to make those habits even stronger. With these quick tips, you can easily slay the holidays and stay in shape even after the indulgence!

FITNESS 101: Beginners Ultimate Guide to Fitness

Everybody wants to be fit and healthy, but not everyone would finally decide to pursue fitness. Starting a habit of dieting and exercising can be very difficult, especially if your don’t know where and how to begin. Now here’s an easy yet detailed guide on how you can take a step forward in your pursuit of fitness, and achieve your goals in the end.

How to do Squat Kickbacks with Belus Resistance Bands

Look at Mareike’s demonstration of a “squat glute kickback” but with a twist! She uses Belus Active loop bands to increase the intensity of every dip and kick.

leeor fitness trainer

Mini Band Workout by Personal Training Leeor RIngel

Mini resistance bands are really popular for activating muscles and enhancing workouts.  They are ideal for taking with you on your travels so that you can workout anytime, anywhere! Good thing Belus Active loop bands are so versatile and durable, which make them the best choice!