When looking into how to create the perfect body, it’s hard to avoid the term “toning up”. But what is toning up and how can resistance bands tone your body to your preferred look? Here, we take a look into how adding resistance bands to your workout can help you to achieve a more defined, toned physique.

How resistance bands build strength

Resistance bands were initially designed to help patients recover from atrophied or damaged muscles. There entire purpose at one point was to help those who needed it most increase their strength and become healthy again. By forcing your muscles to work against the resistance that the bands create, you can increase the rate at which muscle mass is produced (along with following a healthy diet and exercise routine, of course!).

How resistance bands help you lose weight

It’s a well-known fact that cardio workouts help you to burn calories. However, if you have been trying to tone up your body for a while and have hit a plateau, resistance bands are an excellent way of increasing the calories burnt over a longer period of time. This is due to the added strength required during your cardio, meaning your heart rate increases to provide your muscles with the oxygen required, which in turn leads to your body working harder and your ability to burn fat increases! Even something as simple as using a loop band around your legs can create a huge difference in results.

How resistance bands tone your body

Using what we have learned from above, we can understand that losing fat and adding muscle can create a more defined physique that many refer to as being “toned”. All this means is that your body fat has decreased to the point that you can see clear muscle definition when flexing (or even resting, depending on how you prefer to look!).
It’s important to remember through all your hard work that losing weight is not the end goal you should be seeking, when looking to become toned. In fact, it is highly likely that you will actually increase your weight, especially if you increase your muscle mass. Muscle mass is denser than fat, so the best way to check if you’re becoming leaner is to check your inch loss. Despite increasing your weight, you will be more likely to lose inches as you become more toned. Always remember: progress is better than perfection!

What’s Next?

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