Whether it’s your first time venturing into the fitness world or you are just wondering if you are indeed on the right path, this simple guide will surely help you to start smart, and make the most of your workout efforts.

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How do I start RIGHT?

This may be the most difficult stage: “The Beginning”. Starting with your pursuit of a healthy and fit lifestyle can be really challenging. But if you can understand exactly why you are doing it, how you are going to do it, and what will your expectations be, starting should be a breeze. Set the following conditions first before grinding your muscles:

Determine your goals. Without your goals in mind, you can never achieve something good. Your goals will fuel your passion to continuously do what you are supposed to do. If there is no target, you can get off track and all your hard work will go to waste. Your goals may vary, from losing weight, toning muscles, to simply sustaining a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t matter, because a fitness goal will direct all of your activities towards achieving it. In the end, the main goal is to achieve the goal that you set in the beginning.

Look at your options. In fitness, you can certainly partake in many activities and that will help you achieve your target. But of course, you have a lot to consider too, like your ability, budget, available time and other conditions. Lay down your options flat and clear, then select the one that suits you best. You may want to enroll in fitness gym, if you have available time each week and enough finances. But you may also opt for home workouts, wherein you can be more flexible with your spare time. Even the selection of equipment is anchored in your fitness goals, from free weights to resistance bands, it all boils down to your ability and capacity to use them properly.

Go for something that you love doing. You should always start with an activity that interests you. If you enjoy nature, then cardio workout routines like running and biking will suit you well. Others love feeling stronger, so lifting weights or martial arts are often their choices. It is very important that you focus on your interests, so that you can maintain your devotion to fitness. Since this can be somehow repetitive at some point, actually liking the bustle will allow you to stick to it.


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What to do NEXT?

Now that you are all set to finally start your fitness journey, with a goal in mind, and a chosen routine or activity, the next step is to WORKOUT! Of course you cannot just throw yourself in there lifting weights or running miles, you should have a plan. Bear in mind that you must stick to your game plan no matter what, because it will teach your body discipline that will eventually turn into a healthy habit.

Have a strict diet. You need not starve yourself in order to lose weight, because you need all the nutrients that you can get to build stronger muscles, repair worn-out tissues and replenish your energy stores. You should consult a nutritionist and dietician for this, and follow the plan diligently. Eighty percent of your body transformation will be accounted for through the change in your eating lifestyle.

Stick to your routine. You can check YouTube videos for workout guides, and formulate your own, but it is always better to seek professional help. When you have fully mastered the routine, you can start doing things on your own. Virtually any plan will give you results, you just need to figure out which one works best for you. Just remember this: “The best plan is the one that you actually do with consistency”.

Educate yourself. You must continuously seek innovative ways of achieving your goals or maintaining the fruit of your hard work. Read articles, books and magazines which specialize in fitness; ask for advice from personal trainers; learn from your experiences. You will not go far and beyond if you just stick to your previous knowledge, you must learn more to do more.

In may be a long and tiring journey, but the fruit of your hard work will surely be sweet. Don’t be afraid to get started, and never give up along the way. Be consistent in everything that you do, and commit yourself to achieving your goals. Nothing great comes easily, an awesome figure cannot be built overnight!

What’s Next?

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