“How many calories can I burn, using one of your resistance bands?” is one of the most common questions we receive and one of the toughest to give a straight answer to. Since all workouts are different, and all our bodies are different to each other, we felt it necessary to delve deeper into the science of calories and help you work out some of the specifics and learn how and why adding resistance bands to your exercises helps you burn more calories than a standard workout.

A brief introduction to calories

Calories are burned throughout the day, no matter what. So even if you were to sit around and just breathe, all day, you will still have burned some of the calories in your system purely be existing. Of course, since we’re all very different, we all burn calories at different rates. Someone with a low metabolism and inactive lifestyle is unlikely to burn off as many calories as they are taking in each day. Meanwhile, anyone with an active lifestyle will have a high metabolism due to the environments they place themselves in. Thus, they are much more likely to run at a caloric deficit, every day.

Calories burned using cardio

When you heart is pumping at peak fat-burning rate, your ability to burn through your calories is very high. One of the best ways to push yourself to this point is to add in resistance bands. Why? Because the added resistance causes your muscles to work harder, so they need more oxygen, which causes your heart to work harder in order to pump oxygenated blood around your body, faster.

Calories burned using strength training

Resistance bands work in perfect harmony with strength training. So much so that they can be utilised alongside a number of classic strength training moves, such as squats, deadlifts and so on. As mentioned in the cardio section, the added resistance created by the bands cause your muscles to work harder. Strength and weight training leads to a longer burn of calories in your body. That is, since your muscles are working over a longer period to build and heal themselves from a tough workout, the amount of calories used in your body during this time multiplies appropriately.

Of course, any cardio or strength training will help you burn through your caloric intake much faster. But when you consider how easy it is to add resistance bands to your workout it’s hard to find a reason not to use one of our great bands! Of course, even the simplest exercise using a resistance band for 30 minutes can help the average 125-pound woman burn up to 150 calories. Just imagine what adding one can do to an already great workout!

What’s Next?

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