It’s such a great feeling when you first unbox a brand new toy, and our resistance bands are no different. Coming in a wide range of colours and strengths, we know that the way your resistance band looks and feels can make a huge difference to how you feel about your upcoming workout. So we also know that there are few things more frustrating than watching your resistance bands become dull over time and lose their elasticity.

Why care for your resistance bands?

Due to their bright colours and cute look, poor care means that your Belus bands may become faded and less beautiful over time. Constant use can also mean that some resistance bands may lose their strength and springiness over time.

How to clean your resistance bands?

Try to avoid using soaps and cleaners on your resistance band. The best method here is to use a simple, damp cloth and go over both the inside and outer area of your resistance band on a regular basis. Don’t forget, using workout clothes that are less likely to leave lint on your resistance band will mean that your band will need to be cleaned less often.

How to keep your resistance bands as strong as the day you bought them

Never overstretch your resistance band. This can happen when users want to keep their resistance as high as possible, so they pull their resistance band much farther than they were designed to be. This leads to small tears in the latex, which eventually causes them to snap. If you feel that your resistance band has already become loose, or feel you need more resistance, take a look at our site and treat yourself to a higher resistance band. Using the appropriate resistance means less frustration and less tears!

Don’t forget

Always keep your resistance band in a cool, shaded place. This will stop the sun from “bleaching” away the colour, while drying out the band. A latex band that is too dry can become brittle, which is definitely not what you’d like in a stretchy band!

What’s Next?

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