addison nokels personal trainer

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska Addison’s determination to go above and beyond has led to her becoming a fully qualified NASM CPT.

She is also a female soccer coach and a former Division 1 soccer player. Despite all of this however, she maintains that he biggest accomplishments come from her mindset- something she encourages through her training as well as her brand. Her mindfulness and spirituality come from meditation, design and reading, as well as pushing herself in the gym. No matter what Nokels does, her aim is always the same- “be better than the me I was yesterday”.

What’s her secret?

Always remain consistent. “Consistency brings results but also brainpower” is one of Nokels core beliefs

This is a belief system that has helped her to stimulate positive outcomes- outcomes that she likes to share with her clients. Addison knows that helping and serving others to be the best that they can be is one of the greatest rewards a personal trainer can achieve. Her biggest love is watching a client kick butt in the gym as well as outside the gym. What Nokels refers to as “shining in more ways than one”.

”Everyone should learn to love their body and their mind, all through owning and focusing on the love they can show themselves in all aspects of life; and fitness is a great avenue to stimulate self-love. Learning to love yourself one curve at a time!”

How does Belus help her?

Belus is a huge part of what Addison does, for many reasons.

While athletes are the primary market, her clientele base serves all abilities; From weight training, resistance training, HIIT/LISS and cardio for all levels. So having some cute resistance bands help not only with pushing your workout further but they also keep you feeling much more positive because of their refreshing design and bright colours.

For more information, to see Addison’s workouts or to keep in touch, follow Nokels @addisonmarchelle_fit or check out her Facebook page.

What’s Next?

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