Hip dips can be bothersome for some.  If you’re comfortable with your hip dips, that’s fine too. But if it’s making you more conscious with your body, then you’re on the right page. In this video, fitness Youtube personality Stephi Nguyen demonstrates the easy moves on how to “fill out” your hip dips. The secret? Target your upper glutes! By working on your upper glutes, your hips will look better and wider. Your booty will look even lovelier with well-shaped hips. If you haven’t, check out her Youtube channel.

What Are Hip Dips?

Before anything else, let’s clarify whether you do have hip dips or… you’re just being paranoid with your Google results. Hip dips A.K.A. hip dents, are inward curves on both sides, just below the hip bone which may or may not be noticeable. If you have muffin tops, they can definitely make your hip dips more visible than they should be. Just a little fun fact: hip dips go by different names such as violin hips, high hips, shelf hips, figure 8 body shape and spoon body shape.

How Do Hip Dips Come About?

To understand how hip dips occur, let’s have a quick Science class, shall we? In anatomical terminology, hip dents are actually known as “trochanteric depression”.

First and foremost, note that hip dips are not a deformity.  Your hip dips exist simply because of how your pelvis is shaped: by having high hips. If your pelvis is positioned up high and wide, it could indicate that there is a slight “dip” between your hip bones and where your femur (thigh bone) starts.

Stephi Nguyen’s Hip Dip Exercises

Now that we’re done with the little Science class, here’s the cheat sheet for Stephi’s routine:

1. Fire hydrants 3×20 each side
2. Fire hydrants with circles 3×20 (10 forward, 10 backward)
3. Clamshells 3×20 each side
4. Extended Side lying hip abduction 3×20 each side
5. Side to curtsy lunges 3×15 each side
6. Crab Walks 3×20 each side
7. Standing Leg Abductions 3×20 each side

What Makes Your Booty’s Shape Better

To shape your hips in its best form, we need a resistance band to boost the results of this workout. In this video, Stephi uses Belus Active loop bands to upgrade every move. By adding more resistance, each move turns into a bigger challenge with better results.

If you want to try this routine at home, you must secure some versatile bands with you. With resistance bands, getting rid of your hip dips will be easy! Belus Active bands are available in Purple-Pink and Blue collection. Each set contains four (4)  bands of different resistances, perfect for your varying workout needs. You can start with the level you feel most comfortable using, and eventually move up to the next level. Or if you’re up for some fun, combine different levels and test your strength.  Start your awesome workout now with Belus Active!

What’s Next?

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