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Amy Tavalozzi – The Traveller

Amy Tavalozzi is a natural world-walker. Originally from Missouri, Amy moved to Colorado to sate her wanderlust. When she isn’t helping others achieve their fitness goals, she’s exploring the mountains on her doorstep, or camping with her husband and baby girl. Her amazing adventures can be found on Instagram at @amysuza32 or on Facebook.

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Addison Nokels – The Lover

A true advocate of positive thinking, Addison Nokels knows that all positive actions come from self-love and the love of others. The great effects of living a healthy lifestyle keep her motivated, while her fierce love for life helps her to maintain her ever-positive attitude.

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The Hot Momma: Luanna Perez

Luanna Perez is a HIIT personal trainer from Florida, USA. She shares her humble beginnings and motivation to achieve everything that she is and she has today. This short interview will truly inspire you to never hate your body, but instead, workout because you love it

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Total Body Workout Using Mini Resistance Bands

Belus Active 10-inch long and 2-inch wide resistance loop bands are the excellent choice for upgrading your daily exercise routine. You can combine the bands by stacking or knotting them together to incorporate different resistance levels for your workouts. Grab these premium bands now and start to get fit!

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