Carly Treadway

In today’s Belus Warrior spotlight, we introduce you to a certified fitness junkie who will definitely inspire you to unleash your inner beast at the gym. Our new Belus ambassador and personal trainer (PT), Carly Treadway, loves helping her clients improve their life by helping them choose an active lifestyle.

A quick guide to Carly Treadway

Carly is an online fitness trainer based in Dallas, Texas and has amassed a massive following on social media. Her journey to becoming a certified PT is fueled by her love for fitness which has translated into over 36, 900 followers on Instagram (@carly_treadway). “Seeing how happy people are when they see the changes that they have made to their body really motivates me to do what I do. It’s when ‘I can’t do it’ becomes ‘I did it’”. To make everything official, she got her ISSA certificate earlier this year.

Undoubtingly, Carly has proven herself to be a reflection of her core values as a fitness enthusiast. Her progress photos speak volumes on just how much she cares for her work, as well as how serious she is about her client’s progress. After all, what good is teaching others on how to live an active lifestyle if you can’t apply it to yourself? If you’re wondering how she got her gains, it’s because her favourite type of training is weight training. There you have it. Solid proof that weight training does not make women look too “masculine”.

Who is Carly outside the gym?

When she’s not too busy checking on her clients’ progress and tracking their macros, she’s pretty much like any other woman. She’s not just a health buff; she’s a jet-setter who loves travelling and watching movies with her boyfriend (who is cute by the way! Much love for this babe!).

How Carly uses Belus Resistance Bands

Carly’s favourite way to use Belus products is as a warm up on leg days. Activating the glutes before hitting legs is a must for her as it’s the best way to keep them engaged through the entire workout. Her current health and fitness goals are to build lean muscle mass and tone her physique. She considers learning to be happy with her own body as her biggest fitness achievement.

“Knowing that you can change your body, and sculpt it any way you want it, makes no excuse in why you can’t achieve your goals!”

Carly’s Fitness Tips

“My top tip would be to have balance.” Carly believes that cutting everything out and limiting yourself will only make you favour cheat days more frequently. Binge eating happens and you end up regretting it.
Carly wraps up her fitness tip by explaining, “Balance is key to living a healthy lifestyle: you need to put fitness in your life, not make your life all about fitness.”

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What’s Next?

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