Resistance BandsDiabetes can be quite a handful when maintaining an active lifestyle. In a normal scenario, the body converts the food we eat into blood sugar (glucose) which will be used by the cells as fuel (energy) for our daily activities. However, if the body fails to produce enough or cannot effectively use insulin (blood sugar regulating hormone), a raise in blood sugar will occur which can lead to a chronic disease–diabetes.

Diabetes and Resistance Training

Maintenance of normal body weight is a must, since diabetes can be more difficult to manage for those with high fat-to-muscle ratio. Aside from lowering your sugar intake, eating more nutritious food, and getting enough rest and working out is a good way to maintain your normal body weight. Exercise has been proven to be the best natural method to help the body use insulin better, lower blood glucose levels, and aid in burning more calories. With the recent studies in diabetes management, resistance training has been strongly recommended in managing the sugar spike and its further complications.

Jacqueline Shahar, M.Ed., RCEP, CDE, a certified diabetes educator and manager of exercise physiology in the Joslin Clinic, noted that people with diabetes who perform resistance training strengthen their muscles and has higher metabolism and more calories burnt, thus improving insulin sensitivity and control. Moreover, Shahar added that resistance training increase bone density and increase muscle mass and tone, thus, reducing the risk of possible injury. Thus, resistance exercises are a good way to manage diabetes through working out.

Resistance Exercises

Lifting weights may not be your thing, but stretching elastic bands can definitely be a good start. A workout with resistance bands involves no heavy objects and gym membership fee; all in the comfort of your own home!

Start with the resistance training slowly; increase repetitions, sets and resistance. And of course, you must secure the right tools for this. Get the best exercise bands for a great workout experience from Belus!

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