In today’s vlog, Rebecca Louise shows you THE Rebecca Louise workout clothes for every occasion. That’s right. Your outfit for leg day Thursday at the gym is (and should be) different from Wednesday cardio. Working out in the gym requires a different set of outfit versus spending an hour or two in the yoga studio. It’s important to distinguish whether you have to wear loose or fitted top or bottoms so you can workout with comfort.

Who Is Rebecca Louise?

Here’s a quick background on our fitspo today. Born in a small town in England, Rebecca grew up battling anorexia at the age of 17. To this day, she has proven to be a living testament that anything is possible. Living an active lifestyle as both her passion and profession, Rebecca Louise is working around the clock as a certified personal trainer and wellness coach for recognizable names such as XHIT, XF Extreme Fitness and GymRa.

Rebecca Louise Workout Clothes For Every Workout

Here’s a quick rundown of what Rebecca Louise wears for these four workouts:

  1. Yoga – strappy tops + short shorts. Don’t wear too much clothing. Wear something loose and show a bit of your skin to keep yourself cool as it can get really hot in the yoga studio.
  2. Body weight exercises – full length leggings + sports bra set
  3. HIIT – sports bra with layers and adjustable straps + cropped leggings. Gives air for your upper body and legs to breathe.
  4. Cardio workout – pair of shorts + medium support sports bra +loose top. Keep it loose to avoid your clothes from rubbing while in action.

What’s Next?

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