Glute activation can be tricky when you’re just starting to work out. In this video, Fitness Youtuber Stephi Nguyen shares 10 home exercises for glute activation.

What Is Glute Activation?

Glute activation simply means loosening your tight muscles which is very crucial for anyone looking to build their booty.

or the modern day woman, your glute muscles “tighten” fromĀ sitting all day in your desk or from being too busy taking care of the house and the family around the clock. When this happens, your glutes don’t fire properly when you do your glute workouts. Aside from wasting your gym time, inactive glutes could lead to pain in your lower back, hips, knees and even ankle.

If you’ve been busting your butt in the gym with all those glute workouts and haven’t seen any progress, it could be possible that your glutes are not being properly activated.

How To Activate Your Glutes

Glute activation can be done by stretching, warming up using a foam roller or doing glute activation exercises. In this article, however, we focus on the third option.

Stephi Nguyen’s 10 Glute Activation Exercise

To do this workout successfully, you’ll be needing weights you’re comfortable with (meaning, you won’t enter muscle fatigue by the first set), a chair and resistance bands. Stephi performed the following exercises in this workout video:

1. 3-2-1 Dumbbell Sumo Squat 4×10
2. Glute Bridge 4×15
3. Extended Side Lying Hip Abduction 2×20 (each side)
4. Knee Banded Glute Bridge 4×15
5. Knee Banded Quadruped Hip Extension 4×10 (each leg)
6. Frog Pump 4×10
7. Knee Banded Single Leg Glute Bridge 4×10 (each leg)
8. High Step Ups 4×10 each leg
9. Bulgarian Split Squats 4×10 (each leg)
10. Diagonal Walking Lunges 2×24

The Power Of Resistance

Aside from using weights, Stephi also includes resistance bands in this booty routine. The purple band that she is using is the Belus Active heavy loop band, which adds extra resistance in every moveā€“making it more effective in targeting body areas.

Belus resistance bands are so versatile, that they can go well with any type of exercises and body movements. It comes in different levels too, so you can start light and gradually increase your levels. If you’re up for it, you can even combine resistance levels to make the most out of your workouts! Also, these bands are also durable, which can stretch continuously without losing its form and strength. Don’t you love the color too? It also comes in pink!

What’s Next?

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