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This is great way to keep your kids entertained at home, let them burn off extra energy and give your a break! Join us for a kids online P.E class with lots of positive energy and fun. There will be no talk of the Corona Virus, just loads of smiles and moving our body. Plus they will love the two small doggies who will be joining us.
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Well the first one was so awesome, we had to do it again AND again!

It’s Rebecca, Alphie and Pennie here inviting you to an Exclusive at home FREE LIVE workout with us at!With all the crazy in the world right now, we wanted to do something that will connect us all together, and what better way than doing a LIVE workout together!I am so excited for this and can’t wait for you to join us. Oh this is going to be so much fun! Don’t forget to INVITE your family and friends and let’s see how many people we can get to workout with us at once!

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Welcome to the world of Rebecca-Louise and Sir Alphie We make workout videos to get people loving exercise, to feel comfortable in their skin and to have fun! #ICanFeelTheBurnRebecca and see the whole globe working out at home with us. Your mindset is the most important when it comes to belief in life. Our motivation and life videos will start any day on the right foot. If you like sarcasm, humor and like to laugh you will fall in love with the vlogs.. this gives you areal insight in what goes on behind the scenes! Enjoy! Love Rebecca & Alphie

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