You need to know your butt before you can even try to prevent cellulite: 1) what it’s made of, 2) how to get rid of the unwanted fat that keeps your butt from being in the best shape, 3) how to utilize cardio to burn fat, 4) how to boost your glute’s power with bodyweight training, and 5) using resistance to activate your glutes. But apart from knowing, you should start applying your knowledge into practical uses to make sure you’re keeping your butt up. Remember: the end goal is to prevent cellulite.

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1. Make Lifestyle Changes

Changes start when you prompt them especially when you want to prevent cellulite. Basically, ensure you get proper rest, eat the right food, and start getting active instead of just claiming to do so. If you want to be fitter, start living healthier by making sure you get your fresh air and your blood pumping. If you already have them, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world. You can still get rid of them!

2. Put Your Skin Care On Top Of Your List

Exercising means better blood flow and allows our skin to nourish itself. Taking in the right nutrients ensures our skin cells and the fat it stores will keep itself together. Also, make sure to avoid trapping sweat in your clothing and nourish the outmost layer by cleaning it.

3. Be A Cardio Bunny

Wear yourself out on the treadmill, the recumbent bike, or whatever equipment there is! Cardio workouts of all intensities push our strength training to the best form. Make sure to vary your intensity levels to condition the body into a diversity of activities. If you get tired during your cardio sesh, always think of your mantra: PREVENT CELLULITE. Keep it in bold letters in your head for that extra motivation!

4. Activate Your Glutes

Make the most out of resistance exercises. Use exercise bands and weights to stretch your hamstrings, keep your core tight, and max out your glutes. No bands yet? Get your first set of Belus resistance bands at and pick your color: pink or blue-purple.

Preventing Cellulite Is Possible

As long as you keep this up and make these a habit, you’re on the right track to create the perfect booty. Not only that, you also get the bonuses of a strong core and toned legs. But it’s not just physical benefits you’ll be reaping. Your mentality will take a more positive turn as you get more energetic, more positive, and more confident. Now it’s all up to you to make the change.

What’s Next?

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