Sometimes, it’s the little things that surprise us. That even applies to when we’re working out! Small equipment may seem not much at first glance. However, upon using them, we find out they’re actually pretty handy and helpful! Just take a look at Belus Active’s mini resistance loop bands. In fact, personal trainer Leeor Ringel is a fitness pro using the more advanced levels of used bands.  Today, she’ll teach you how to use mini resistance bands in her quick full-body workout video. However, take note: Leeor’s moves are a little more advanced, and it may not be suitable for beginner users. But don’t fret yet–later on, we’ll suggest what you can do if you’re still starting out!

Why You Should Use Mini Resistance Bands

These mini resistance bands are really popular for activating muscles and enhancing workouts. Resistance bands are considered a good alternative for lighter dumbbells. They aren’t as bulky, and they don’t take up much space.

Because of those benefits, the compact size of mini resistance loop bands makes it portable. It is ideal for taking with you on your travels. Just imagine how convenient it would be to carry these bands with you everywhere you go. Not only does it save you some space, but it also saves you money too!  They don’t add much weight, so you don’t have to pay that extra fee when you check in. With that, taking your resistance bands means you can workout anytime, anywhere! You don’t need to feel guilty when you eat local dishes. Grab those loop bands, press “play” on the video above, and burn those calories!

Notes For Beginners

Another good thing about using these bands is the fact that they come in different resistance level. So as a beginner, you can start with “Light” (0.4mm, 2-5 kgs), and progress to “Extra-Heavy” (1mm, 9-11 kgs), as you grow accustomed to the resistance exercises. The durability of the bands is also guaranteed since they are made with premium latex making them stronger and last longer.

What’s Next?

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