Mary Ann Stancel

So often, it’s easy to see our favourite fitspo’s on Instagram and feel like their body is a little unobtainable. The good news is that everybody starts off with the same feeling- the better news is that your ideal body is never more than a good lifestyle away! Here we talk about humble beginnings with Mary Ann Stancel, and how she keeps moving forward- with the help of her trusty resistance bands.

How and why Mary Ann decided to become a personal trainer

Hailing from Seattle, WA Stancel remembers exactly how it feels to start at the beginning of a fitness journey. Becoming a personal trainer just over a year ago, she considers one of her biggest fitness accomplishments as her ability to do a full push-up, “It took time to build my upper body muscles, but it felt so good to achieve that”. As such, Mary Ann knows what it means to her clients to achieve even the smallest victory.
One of her biggest desires is to show her clients how much stronger they can become mentally, through good physical fitness. “I became a personal trainer because I want to help people feel strong and to show them that they can do a lot of things”, she achieves great professional satisfaction from seeing her clients progress and become happier- inside and out.

Outside of personal training

A huge dog lover, Mary Ann enjoys spending time with her dog Miles and taking him on long walks. She is very fond of reading and considers being outdoors one of her favourite pastimes- especially if she can do all of this with her loved ones.
As well as teaching Yoga Sculpt, Stancel is a big fan of utilizing her yoga skills during her free time. Combine this with some great eating habits and a love of cooking and, in our humble opinion, no wonder Mary Ann looks so great!

Why Mary Ann LOVES Belus Active

A massive fan of anything that can help her clients push themselves, Stancel encourages use of Belus Active resistance bands in the majority of her classes. She loves them so much that you can often see her using them in her Instagram vids- talk about #fitspo!
Knowing that our great resistance bands can help her achieve her goals and stay on top of her fitness, Mary Ann is a huge lover of doing what makes you happy- and what could possibly make you happier than our great bands, in a variety of cute colours, that always keep you pushing forward in your fitness journey!

Mary Ann Stancel’s big fitness tip:

“Create balance in your life. Do what makes you happy in terms of health and fitness. Just because one person loves HIIT workouts, doesn’t mean you have to like it too. So find activities that you enjoy and stick with it. Don’t give up. Keep pushing yourself each and every day.”

To find out more about Mary Ann Stancal, check out her website at

What’s Next?

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