Now we know how cellulite is made, and what it is made of. Subdermal fat in the subcutaneous fat under our skin is the main culprit of the unpleasant sag that spoils the perfect booty. If you have it, how should your body tell it to “go away”, exactly? Apart from preventing it through proper diet, this important solution can’t emphasized enough: exercising.

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An Exercise A Day Keeps The Cellulite Away

Building muscles burns fat, and burning fat means bye bye, cellulite! With the right type of exercise and proper nutrition, losing the unwanted fat is definitely possible. For starters, 150 minutes exercising with moderate intensity is recommended. But if you can do more than that, even better! However, take note you need to exercise more in comparison to how much you eat to keep your net energy balance at a negative level.

Net Energy Balance

Net energy balance determines how much food you take compared to your metabolism rate and exercise. The more you eat, the higher your net energy balance is. It is in the positive level because you take in more energy than you use (when you move around).

However, having your net energy balance in the negatives is much better. When it is negative, you lose a good amount of calories that is almost equal to how much you ate. For instance, it takes 30 minutes to burn off calories gained from a plain donut. It’s all about finding the right balance between eating and working out.

Battling Cellulite When Aging

But sometimes, cellulite is the natural after effect when one gets older. As we age, we lose mass and strength. The elasticity in our skin decreases too, so cellulite just happens even if we don’t accumulate that much fat in the body. While nobody could stop getting older, senior citizens can combat cellulite through regularly exercising.

Working out at an old age can impose questions, but there are more advantages catered to the elderly exercising than it seems. What do the elderly get when they make an effort to eliminate cellulite?

  • Better Skin: Their natural skin tone radiates with better texture as the blood flow detoxifies the skin cells.
  • Better Bones: Frequently moving means stronger bones and better posture. The joints are enhanced which enables moving around with ease.
  • Better Heart: Blood pressure goes down to normal and the heart gets stronger.
  • Better Mind: Memory power improves and the likelihood of dementia drastically decreases.
  • Better Lifespan: Longevity increases. The chances of cancer are reduced. It’s easier to fight against strokes. Bad cholesterol lessens.

Taking in the right nourishment and making sure our skin is taken care of ensures cellulite prevention. But getting rid of it is something that needs to be done regularly, because it can pile up the moment we get sedentary. Regular exercising is the solution for that. Finding a way to exceed our exercise in comparison to what we eat is also as important, so we could burn the fat easily and prevent cellulite from even manifesting. It looks good outside when cellulite is eliminated, but it also pays off to know that even the insides aren’t suffocating because the fat that stuffs in is gone.

What’s Next?

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