Instagram influencer and personal trainer Lauren Peters (@laurenrpeters) demonstrates a full body workout using the Belus flat resistance bands. Flat resistance bands are perfect for working your upper and lower body. These resistance bands are not only great for toning your body; they are also used for building muscle and rehabilitation for injuries. Aside from aiding you during workouts, flat resistance bands help you improve your posture and core strength.

What’s Inside?

In this video, personal trainer and model, , demonstrates a full-body workout using Belus Active 4-foot Flat Resistance bands! See how flexible these bands are, as Lauren takes you from one exercise to another. Start with the lightest resistance level and work your way up to x-heavy!

For starters, do 3 sets x 15 reps for each exercise: 

  • One Arm Lateral Raise
  • Side Lunge and Lateral Raise
  • Row and Triceps Kick Back
  • Lunge and Bicep Curl
  • Row and Triceps Kick Back x 2
  • Standing Row
  • Pelvic Raise
  • Upwards Cross Row
  • Glute Kickback

The Belus Flat Resistance Bands

The Belus Active flat resistance bands are versatile. They can be incorporated with almost any workout targeting both your upper and lower body. They can be stacked together to increase the resistance level. In addition, they can be tied together to create 10-inch and 12-inch bands. Each flat resistance band measures at 4 feet and is 4 inches wide, making it comfortable to use and less prone to rolling-up. Plus, they can be easily tied-up straight onto your thighs. Lauren instantly fell in love with her bands because they’re aesthetically cute. She can also pack these flat resistance bands anywhere and use them anytime!

What’s Next?

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