Booty Bands - Squat Jumps

Most gym goers think that building booty is a formula of nth number of squats + weekly leg days. Contrary to popular belief, achieving the perfect booty is a combination of strength training and resistance training. You need to understand your butt before you turn your booty fantasies into reality. Learning 1) what glutes are made of, 2) how to get rid of cellulite, 3) how cardio burns fat, 4) how to boost your glutes with body weight training, and 5) how resistance training activates your glutes, are all essential components to creating the perfect booty. 

Hence, we give you an overview of every aspect you need to cover in your booty gain journey.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Ensure you get proper rest, eat the right food, and start getting active instead of just talking about it. Don’t “reschedule” to start making healthy changes in your life. If you’re ready, jump right in and get started! After all, prolonging change doesn’t do you any good. The sooner you start, the sooner it’ll be over.

Take Care Of Your Skin To Prevent Cellulite

Exercising means better blood flow to help keep your skin healthy and nourished. And keeping your skin nourished means you see less cellulite compared to when you started. However, it takes more than just exercising to get rid of cellulite. The kind of food we eat should have the right kind–and right amount–of fat to store inside your body, so the chances of subdermal fat building up as cellulite would become slim.

Put Your All In Cardio

Cardio workouts of all intensities push our strength training to the best form. Muscle building cannot be achieved by weight training alone. You need cardio to balance it out and tone down your muscle gain. Hence, you need to make sure to vary your intensity levels while choosing a variety of activities to cross-train your body. Mix up your cardio routine with these: HIIT training, treadmill, recumbent bike, elliptical rowing machine and outdoor sprints. This way, your muscle memory doesn’t “get used to” your cardio workout which means hitting a plateau is impossible.

Activate Your Glutes

Make the most out of resistance exercises. Use exercise bands and weights to stretch your hamstrings, keep your core tight, and max out your glutes.

Make healthier food choices, focus on cardio and resistance training, move more naturally and you’ll be on the right track to developing the perfect booty. Not only that, you also get the bonuses of a strong core and toned legs. The physical benefits are only part of the equation: your mental health will also take a more positive turn as you become more active leading to a more positive, confident outlook on life. All you have to do is make the decision and start today!


What’s Next?

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