Jaclyn Ochs

When introducing superstar Jaclyn Ochs, one particular phrase comes to mind: Diamonds don’t come as big as bricks. Indeed, standing at just 5’ tall and having a petite frame doesn’t stop Ochs from pumping stacks of weights in her Instagram vids and generally keeping the pressure on to better herself, day after day. After all, intense pressure is how diamonds are formed!

How this coffee lover became interested in training

Jaclyn has grown up with health and fitness in her soul. In high school, she was a cheerleader and admits that she was previously obsessed with solely working on her cardio. “Cardio totally hindered my happiness” she says, as so many of our readers will agree. It was only when she stopped focusing too much on one aspect of her fitness that she realised how happy she could be with herself, and her body. As her website states, “lifting weights make me feel like a bad*ss boss while also feeling super feminine!”.

Ochs outside of personal training

As a master of multi-tasking, Jaclyn juggles being a mom to three dogs and a school teacher, outside of her personal training. When she isn’t taking long walks in far off lands, she’s cooking, baking and barbecuing. Phew! She is also a rising star on Instagram, where she is super active and always makes a point of responding to all her comments. Inspiring her followers via her regular videos of her workouts- helped of course by her dogs, who make regular appearances!

Why Jaclyn LOVES Belus Active

As a huge fan of lifting heavy, Jaclyn loves the way our resistance bands help to ease the pressure that carrying the extra weight can sometimes create. She also includes them in her circuits, to stretch out those well-used muscles and round out her workout. Staying happy with your workouts is a huge part of keeping a healthy lifestyle and using Belus resistance bands helps Ochs to love and respect her body.
Her favourite move is the squat- a move that works brilliantly no matter what your end goal is. Perfect for beginners and pro’s alike- and improved upon by using a booty band– it’s one we can heartily recommend to everyone interested in fitness!

Jaclyn’s top tip:

“Find and do what makes you happy. I hate running, so I stopped and found a way to workout that I actually enjoy and look forward too. You shouldn’t force yourself to do something you hate.”

What’s Next?

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