Bothered with your “Hip Dips”? The secret is to target your upper glutes! In this workout video by Stephi Nguyen, she demonstrates the easy moves to make your hips look better and wider. Your booty will look even lovelier with well-shaped hips!

The routine consists of the following exercises:

1. Fire hydrants 3×20 each side
2. Fire hydrants with circles 3×20 (10 forward, 10 backward)
3. Clamshells 3×20 each side
4. Extended Side lying hip abduction 3×20 each side
5. Side to curtsy lunges 3×15 each side
6. Crab Walks 3×20 each side
7. Standing Leg Abductions 3×20 each side


As you notice, the best equipment to use with the above exercises are resistance bands. In the video, Stephi uses Belus Active loop band to upgrade every move and add resistance to them. If you want to try this routine at home, you must secure some versatile bands with you. Getting rid of those hip dips will just be a breeze after that!

Belus Active bands are available in Purple-Pink and Blue collection. Each set contains four (4)  bands of different resistances, perfect for your varying workout needs. Start your awesome workout now with Belus Active!