Now Stephi is finally throwing in some more beginner-friendly routines to help those who are new to working out! These exercises will perfectly target your lower body.

The workout routine consists of the following exrcises:

>Standing Kickbacks
>Jump Squats
>Crab Walks
>Elevated Hip Thrusts
>Single Leg Elevated Hip Thrusts
>Crossover Kickbacks
>Fire Hydrants

You will notice that Stephi uses resistance bands on most of the exercises in this routine. The use of bands is perfect for beginners because they require very minimal experience. Moreover, using bands will ensure proper posture and form, which are needed to immediately see the results of continuous workout.

Belus Active loop bands are the best choice of beginners when it comes to resistance exercise. A set includes four (4) bands with varying resistances.You can start with the light or medium, and later on progress to heavy and extra-heavy, depending on your capacity and goals. Since they are made from premium materials, they won’t snap or break easily, so no worries on getting hurt while working out.


Grab your own set of Belus Active bands now and cop Stephi’s easy workout routine!